When Life Gives You Lemons

Is your home drab and dreary? Maybe you just need to add some color!

I recently went on a shopping trip in search of products that made me feel happy. I found some vibrant and fun items with a “citrus” flair that I am excited to share with you.

Halloween Party- Part 2

When I throw a Halloween party for kids, I always try to see things through their eyes. I ask myself, what will make them feel heart pounding, jaw dropping excitement? You may be thinking that candy raining down from the sky laced with dollar bills might do the trick, but that’s not it. The answer is a 4-letter word….MOOD.  It’s all about the mood that the party planner creates.

Snack Time Inspiration – Donuts on a Skewer

When you have 4 children, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be in charge of bringing a snack to some sort of event several times per year. Between soccer, birthdays, dance class and scouts, the snack sign-ups are never ending.

The first time I was put on snack duty, I couldn’t simply place fruit snacks and a granola bar into a bag and call it a day (because I’m a weirdo). I had to come up with something more exciting!

Now, I share with you the most simple and fantastic snack idea ever…..drum roll please…..Donut Holes on a Skewer!

Burlap & Black- This Weekend’s Fall Wedding

This weekend’s bride loves fall! In order to capture her simplistic style, we used burlap and pumpkins combined with our sophisticated black chiffon tent ceiling.

Nautical Back to School Teachers’ Luncheon

I was very reluctant to say “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to school madness. But now that we are back in the groove, I am grateful to our teachers who work so hard to make school a fun-filled learning environment for our kids.  As the PTA Hospitality chairmen, my dear friend Shelly and I welcomed our teachers back to school with a nautical-themed luncheon. Our motto was “Set Sail on a Great Year”.

Fall Decor- Keeping it Simple

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year! We think of many things such as cooler weather, rich colors, football, back to school, and family gatherings to name a few.
In my early days of decorating, fall decor meant bright colored leaves, tole-painted pumpkins, and straw scarecrows. Through time, my approach was refined to a more simplistic style. Instead of taking fall “literally”, I began to do a play-on the season.
This year I chose to decorate with white, gold and various shades of brown. I decided to “keep it simple”.

Coral & Aqua Wedding

This weekend’s wedding was bright and bold.
I absolutely loved working with the bride and her family to create a vibrant and fun-filled reception! In order to accomplish this look, the bride selected a fun and playful color palette including coral, yellow, and aqua….isn’t it amazing?
 These colors exude youth, cheerfulness, and excitement.

Chevron Apron with DIY Personalization

I truly enjoy gift giving. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do. I like to purchase an item that I know my friend will like and make it a little more special with personalization. I found this budget friendly apron at TJ Maxx for $7.99. Yay for great deals!

Perfectly Posh Pajamas

I am a sucker for any black and white color combination, but when you add a gold glittery heart…I can’t say no. These pajamas were a great find at Kohls for my little ladies!

These girls love to sparkle!

Glitter rocks!

Goodnight. Sleep tight.

How to Throw a Happenin’ Halloween Bash- Part 1

I love Halloween parties! In fact, I have thrown one every year for the past 12 years. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see a child’s face light up when he or she walks into a light-filled, Halloween haven. Join me as I take you step by step through throwing the best Halloween party on a budget, of course!