Fiesta Time- Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

When selecting a theme for the teacher appreciation luncheon this year, it was a no-brainer! What other theme would you use on the 5th of May then CINCO DE MAYO?

My partner in crime, Shelly, and I had a great time creating a colorful fiesta for our teachers. The budget for the luncheon was $250. With a delicious catered meal, there was not much money left in the budget for decorating. I had to get creative in order to make it happen!

I hope you can use some of these ideas to decorate on a budget for your own party.

Boy Oh Boy- Let’s Throw a Baby Shower

Baby showers are so much fun to plan! When I found out that my friend, Hannah, was pregnant with baby #3, the wheels started turning…..A baby shower it is!  My friends and I  decided to keep it simple (open house style). We did a breakfast buffet and decorated in the colors that Hannah had selected for the nursery: gray, red, white and black. The elements of this shower were very simple, but bright and bold pops of color really brought the party to life.

The Red Carpet- A 10th Birthday with Style

April is always a time of celebration for me. I go from Thanksgiving and Christmas, straight into “Birthday-Palooza”, with one of my kid’s birthdays in the months of January, February, March, and April….Whew! Now that the last birthday has passed, I feel like I crossed the finish line and I can relax for a few months.

My vivacious daughter, Macy, turned 10 this week! We decided to go for a red carpet / Hollywood theme this year! We invited her friends from school to wear their “Best Red Carpet Look”. The girls showed up in style! Greeted by the paparazzi, these 16 ladies rocked the party!

“Just Peachy”- A Teen Birthday Dinner

Birthdays are so much fun! Our dear friend, Lindsey, turned 14 this year, and she is just the sweetest girl on earth! I wanted to create a celebration that reflected her wonderful personality.

I decided to do an outdoor dinner party using the vintage table I  purchased on Craigslist for $100. It had been painted in an aqua chalk paint and was begging to be used outdoors.
I searched the stores for further inspiration, and then I found it-  PEACH FLOWERS! They really spoke to me! They said, “youthful,” “romantic,” and “fun!”

Pink Lemonade Birthday Party

Planning birthday parties for my kids brings me great joy! I love coming up with a theme and finding creative ways to party plan on a budget. For my daughter’s 5th birthday, we were inspired by Hobby Lobby’s adorable line of lemonade trinkets.
My kid’s love setting up lemonade stands and selling to the neighborhood,  plus our last name is “Lemmon”…so what could be better than a Pink Lemonade Party. I hope you enjoy what I created for this party!

Chalk Paint- Nightstand Transformation

I recently started to redesign my master bedroom . The budget was tight, and I pondered what to do with my nightstands.  The style was great, but the color no longer worked in my new design. The logical thing to do was to paint the furniture, but I did not think it was possible due to it’s finish….But then I discovered the “miracle product” – CHALK PAINT! With chalk paint, you do not have to sand or prime your furniture. The paint sticks to almost any surface.

I adore the Hiatt family! I have been fortunate enough to plan several weddings for their daughters- each one having their own sense of style. For this wedding and reception, color was the key.

Fuchsia is a brilliant color that I have always been drawn to. Throughout the years, I have planned quite a few weddings using this amazing hue, but sometimes it can be overpowering; However, I think this beautiful bride got it right!

We paired fuchsia with light pink and tan. Pink can be feminine, but the use of white and tan really anchors the color scheme and creates juxtaposition. Check it out…


Is anyone else disappointed with the selection of children’s Valentine cards these days?
I went to a local retail store in search of Valentines for my 4 kids to hand out at school. The selection was atrocious! I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much money on something that would be thrown away instantly.
My eye caught the double stuffed Oreo cookies (that happens a lot). The wheels started turning…and several hours later….voila! 90 Oreos were dipped, packaged and ready for delivery to my children’s Valentine’s Day parties.

Lemon Wreath Entrance

When your last name is “LEMMON” you can have a lot of fun decorating your home. The other day, I found two classy-looking lemon wreaths at Homegoods and knew I had to have them! I was able to create an entrance that leaves no doubt in our guests’ minds that they have arrived at La Casa de Limon.

Inspiration at its Finest- a Trip to Kauai

Sometimes my life is unbelievably hectic….Well, actually most of the time it feels like I am running a marathon and cannot see the finish line. You could say that I am a little wound up. I finally found an antidote to my stress- KAUAI!
Besides offering relaxation, my trip provided me with a huge amount of interior design inspiration. The colors and textures that I found in the majestic sea and the lush landscapes were priceless.  I, now,  find myself inspired to decorate in vivid colors that make me feel happy and relaxed. I want to create a room where sand, sea and sky rendezvous.
Words cannot express the beauty, the colors, and the peace that come from the scenery as well as a picture can…. Enjoy!