Full Service Decorating Package $2,000
Full Service Decorating Package at a Stake Center $2500
False Ceiling Only $850
Additional Fees:
Chair Covers $1 each
Chair Covers with a Sash $1.50 each
White Tablecloth (120” round or 8’ Table Drape) $5 each
Colored Overlay $5 each
Additional Mileage Fee (for receptions more than 20 miles away) $100-300
When you purchase the full service decorating package, our wedding crew will set up and take down your entire reception.
First in our cultural hall transformation is a false ceiling. All ceilings include a chandelier & light strands.
Choose a False Ceiling:
• Taupe False Ceiling• Black Chiffon Tent Ceiling

• White Chiffon Tent Ceiling

• White Chiffon Sunburst Ceiling

Next, Chiffon walls will be used to cover all of the cultural hall walls. They are swagged at the top to create an elegant finish. Spotlights will illuminate the walls every 5—8 ft. around the room. We offer white fans to cover basketball backboards. The stage will be draped with a white stage skirt. The overflow can be filled with a white chiffon canopy (8’H x 32’ W x 8’D)
Some of the other items available to you when you the full service package:
• Chiffon cube (8’ x 8’ x8’) to house the gifts

• Flower cart that can be used for gifts

• Mailbox or bird cage for cards

• Boxwood and Wisteria Trees

• Colonnade for the Cake

• Balustrade used in the foyer

• Double door arch for entrance

• Black Iron Pillars for the dance floor

• Black Iron Arbor

• 3 rustic pallet walls

• French doors

• Wood Stumps

• 2 Black park benches

• White Bistro table (sweetheart table)

• Silk flowers in all colors

• Fabric in all colors used in foyer

• White cathedral panels (often used on the stage)

We clean the cultural hall floor and vacuum the foyer and hallway. We do not clean the kitchen or restrooms.WE ARE HAPPY TO GIVE A QUOTE FOR DECORATING OTHER VENUES!