A Little Girl’s Vanity- Modern Makeover

What little girl wouldn’t want to have a vanity of her own? There is something so grown-up and chic about sitting at a vanity and applying makeup, adorning oneself with jewelry, or simply brushing one’s lovely locks.

My five-year-old is a girly-girl for sure. So, when my sweet neighbor, Debbie,  offered me her old vanity for only $25, I had to jump on the opportunity! With just a little bit of chalk paint, some elbow grease, and fun fabric, the vanity was like new.

I hope this inspires you to bring an old piece of furniture back to life!

Chalk Paint- Nightstand Transformation

I recently started to redesign my master bedroom . The budget was tight, and I pondered what to do with my nightstands.  The style was great, but the color no longer worked in my new design. The logical thing to do was to paint the furniture, but I did not think it was possible due to it’s finish….But then I discovered the “miracle product” – CHALK PAINT! With chalk paint, you do not have to sand or prime your furniture. The paint sticks to almost any surface.


Is anyone else disappointed with the selection of children’s Valentine cards these days?
I went to a local retail store in search of Valentines for my 4 kids to hand out at school. The selection was atrocious! I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much money on something that would be thrown away instantly.
My eye caught the double stuffed Oreo cookies (that happens a lot). The wheels started turning…and several hours later….voila! 90 Oreos were dipped, packaged and ready for delivery to my children’s Valentine’s Day parties.

DIY- Reindeer Gift Idea

 We all have an ever-growing list of people that we would like to recognize during the holidays: friends, neighbors, teachers, and co-workers alike. Here is a very simple DIY project that will help you to check some names off of your list.

Best Shopping Tip for 2014

This post is for all of you budget-savvy readers out there. I LOVE getting deals! It makes me extremely happy and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I recently discovered an app for my smart phone that makes getting the best prices sooo much easier. It is called Shop Savvy.

Glass Bottle Centerpiece on the Cheap

If you are looking for an inexpensive idea to fill your home with elements of fall,do I have a project for you! I was shopping at Michael’s the other day and came across these fabulous glass bottles that were on clearance for $1.39. There were several beautiful colors to choose from, but I was drawn to the amber colored glass. I quickly decided to make a vignette with three bottles grouped together. I picked up a spool of golden rhinestones for $1.50 and some dried flowers, also on clearance for $1.29. The total cost of this project was $7.

DIY Fall Centerpiece

I am so excited to share this super-duper easy DIY fall centerpiece with you today. If I were to rate the difficulty of this project on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 2. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

Gathering the materials is the hardest part! I purchased everything I needed for this project at Hobby Lobby: The iron pedestal was $12, the 3 white pumpkin picks were $1.50 each, a fall flower bouquet was $10, the floral foam was $2, and the moss was $2.50.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Is your home drab and dreary? Maybe you just need to add some color!

I recently went on a shopping trip in search of products that made me feel happy. I found some vibrant and fun items with a “citrus” flair that I am excited to share with you.

Snack Time Inspiration – Donuts on a Skewer

When you have 4 children, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be in charge of bringing a snack to some sort of event several times per year. Between soccer, birthdays, dance class and scouts, the snack sign-ups are never ending.

The first time I was put on snack duty, I couldn’t simply place fruit snacks and a granola bar into a bag and call it a day (because I’m a weirdo). I had to come up with something more exciting!

Now, I share with you the most simple and fantastic snack idea ever…..drum roll please…..Donut Holes on a Skewer!

Chevron Apron with DIY Personalization

I truly enjoy gift giving. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do. I like to purchase an item that I know my friend will like and make it a little more special with personalization. I found this budget friendly apron at TJ Maxx for $7.99. Yay for great deals!