There is nothing more special than a grandmother, especially one like Mema. Jacqueline Henriette Foucart (AKA Mema) was born in Paris, France in 1926, and she has lived an extraordinary life! Although Mema is my grandmother through marriage, she is near and dear to my heart. I treasure the time I get to spend with her and the lessons that she teaches me. Expressed in a soft French accent, her vivid stories of Paris as a child, family traditions,  living through the perils of World War II, and falling in love with an American soldier envelop my soul.

When Mema turned 90 this past March, the only logical theme for her party was Paris- of course! Before I can give you any details about the party, I must tell you about my  mother-in-law, Judy. I hit the mother-in-law jackpot when I married my husband. I adore her! I credit her for teaching me how to put together large events and how to feature a theme through every detail of a party. Judy worked tirelessly to plan and organize Mema’s 90th birthday celebration.

I hope you love this party as much as I did!


Here it is- a room with a view of Paris! Our cousin, Jeremy, owns an audio visual company. He was gracious enough to set up his LED screen and specialty lighting for the event. Images of Paris were cast on the screen throughout the night, setting the perfect ambiance for the party.


The buffet table-Bon Appetit!


Buttery, flaky and delicious- croissants start off the buffet line.


Each food item selected is something often seen in French cuisine.


It wouldn’t be Paris if there wasn’t a  cheese platter!


We used black pipe and drape to create a crisp backdrop behind the buffet tables.


It’s the small details around the room that help carry the theme.


Judy used pictures from a calendar to create eye-catching vignettes on the wall.


This wooden sign was used to greet our guests at the sign in table.


My father-in-law, Ken, built this beautiful Eiffel Tower. He is a true artist!


Did I mention that Judy is witty too? She asked her fireman son, Mike, to come out in his uniform with an extinguisher just before Mema blew out her candles. This was definitely a highlight from the night.


If I were to select one picture from the evening, it would be this one- Our beautiful, sweet Mema blowing out 90 candles.


These cute faces belong to some of Mema’s great-granddaughters. We ordered custom iron-on Eiffel Towers which we added to black leotards. The girls also wore fuschia pettiskirts and matching headbands.


The dynamic duo- Ken and Judy. Ken was the Emcee for the evening. He sported a barette and mustache all night.


Several of Mema’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren performed during the event. The entertainment included dancing, joke telling, piano playing and story telling. It was fabulous for all who attended.


These kids will never forget being part of such a special birthday celebration!

We were all so fortunate to be able to celebrate Mema’s 90th birthday with her. I wasn’t able to capture all of the special things that happened that night on camera, but at least these images can give you a glimpse into the love, planning and preparation that went into her party. Family is such a blessing! We love you Mema.