Birthdays are so much fun! Our dear friend, Lindsey, turned 14 this year, and she is just the sweetest girl on earth! I wanted to create a celebration that reflected her wonderful personality.

I decided to do an outdoor dinner party using the vintage table I  purchased on Craigslist for $100. It had been painted in an aqua chalk paint and was begging to be used outdoors.
I searched the stores for further inspiration, and then I found it-  PEACH FLOWERS! They really spoke to me! They said, “youthful,” “romantic,” and “fun!”


Peach, aqua, and gold create the perfect palette for a 14-year-old’s birthday celebration!

This party is a great example of how to create an event that is inexpensive yet special. I hope you enjoy it!


Aren’t these silk flowers gorgeous? I placed three groupings in mason jars that had been sprayed gold.

Nice legs ;)

Nice legs 😉


Small touches bring personalization to the dessert bar.



I created headbands for the party-goers by hot gluing some of the remaining peach flowers to elastic.



Each guest marked what toppings they wanted on their salad, then the wait staff (the moms) served it up!


I purchased wooden birds at the dollar store and spray painted them gold to add to the tablescape. I also glued a crystal votive holder (from the dollar store as well) to the bottom of the mason jars before spraying them.