Is anyone else disappointed with the selection of children’s Valentine cards these days?
I went to a local retail store in search of Valentines for my 4 kids to hand out at school. The selection was atrocious! I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much money on something that would be thrown away instantly.
My eye caught the double stuffed Oreo cookies (that happens a lot). The wheels started turning…and several hours later….voila! 90 Oreos were dipped, packaged and ready for delivery to my children’s Valentine’s Day parties.

Here is the price breakdown:
1 package of Oreos (30 cookies) $2.99
1 package of Candyquik (coats 25 cookies) $3.29
50 lollipop sticks $1.99
100 Cellophane bags with ties $2.49
Cardstock- .39 cents
Sprinkles- $1.99

I was able to make 90 Valentines for approximately $22 because I already had a few items at home.
My kids helped insert the sticks, dip the cookies, add sprinkles, package cookies, and add labels. It took approximately 1.5 hours with their help.


Homemade Valentine: Complete with a note and a treat!


Simply add a candy stick to a double stuffed Oreo cookie.



Dip your cookie in melted chocolate. (I used Candyquik). Add sprinkles before the chocolate hardens.


Wrap it in a cellophane bag ($2.99 for 100 bags at Michael’s).