Sometimes my life is unbelievably hectic….Well, actually most of the time it feels like I am running a marathon and cannot see the finish line. You could say that I am a little wound up. I finally found an antidote to my stress- KAUAI!
Besides offering relaxation, my trip provided me with a huge amount of interior design inspiration. The colors and textures that I found in the majestic sea and the lush landscapes were priceless.  I, now,  find myself inspired to decorate in vivid colors that make me feel happy and relaxed. I want to create a room where sand, sea and sky rendezvous.
Words cannot express the beauty, the colors, and the peace that come from the scenery as well as a picture can…. Enjoy!

SEE, this is me- happy and relaxed. No kids crying, no phone calls, emails or work stress. Just all around beauty!


I love the amber sky created by a marvelous sunset at Spouting Horn.


Look at the beautiful juxtaposition of the celadon vegetation against the aqua water at Polihale.


The island is infused with shots of hot pink hibiscus flowers.

The Kilauea Lighthouse was a true source of serenity for me.


The Na Pali Coast offers numerous shades of blue and gray.


The Waiakanaloa Cave has layer upon layer of texture.


Breathtaking waterfall!


I want to paint my walls turquoise when I set eyes on this water!


The beauty of Honalei Bay


This sums up my feelings about Kauai!