I love transforming spaces, and I enjoy helping people take the vision they have for their wedding and turning it into a reality. It is exciting to be hired by a client with creativity. This rustic wedding was an amazing culmination of the mother of the bride and I. We worked together to create a magical event for the guests to enjoy.
The challenge for this wedding reception was how to make an indoor venue look like an outdoor rustic woodland. I started by draping the ceiling and perimeter with chiffon (my signature style). Masking the space with fabric helped to create a neutral background that allowed the “woodland” elements to pop.


A palet wall brings a rustic vibe to the reception.


Wood chairs, twigs and trees bring warmth to the space.



A vintage wagon greets the guests at the entrance.



How cute is this Hot Cocoa bar?



Logs, lanterns and posies are scattered around the room.



An old dresser holds the drink dispensers and is paired with antique doors and a water pump.



Stacked suitcases are a simple way to create a focal point.



Woodland centerpieces add charm to the reception.


We ordered poster- sized prints from Costco and wrapped them around a homemade wood frame to create a canvas look on the cheap.


Trees, shrubs and twinkle lights finish off the look.