When I throw a Halloween party for kids, I always try to see things through their eyes. I ask myself, what will make them feel heart pounding, jaw dropping excitement? You may be thinking that candy raining down from the sky laced with dollar bills might do the trick, but that’s not it. The answer is a 4-letter word….MOOD.  It’s all about the mood that the party planner creates.

Halloween done right = priceless memories

My number one tool for creating an unforgettable mood is lighting. For Halloween, you want to keep the lights dim and use specialty lighting like strobe lights, up lights and colored light strands.


Lighting is key for the mood of any Halloween party.

* When it comes to food, it’s all in the presentation! You can take the most simple food item and make it special.
* You can use fabric to cover your table or counter top. Place items under the fabric to create different levels to enhance the look of your platters and bowls.
* When throwing a party for children, keep in mind that they do not eat very much. Do not waste your time and money on food that might end up in the trash. Keep it simple and select items that are guaranteed hits!


Carrot fingers with red pepper fingernails set the tone for Halloween.


Glittery bottles of potion.



See no, hear no, speak no evil.


* Ask each guest to bring a bag of candy to the party. Poor the candy into bowls and give them to your neighbors or to the parents to hand out on your street. You can also line up vehicles and do a trunk or treat.
* Create a face painting area. Kids can choose from several different designs to enhance their costume.
* Project an Halloween movie outside for your guests to watch.
* Do a scavenger hunt.
* Have a dance party.
* Ask guests to bring a pumpkin to carve.
* Play Halloween games.



Ready to go trick-or-treating!

Projecting a movie while the kids enjoy their candy loot.

Face painting station in the gazebo