When you have 4 children, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be in charge of bringing a snack to some sort of event several times per year. Between soccer, birthdays, dance class and scouts, the snack sign-ups are never ending.

The first time I was put on snack duty, I couldn’t simply place fruit snacks and a granola bar into a bag and call it a day (because I’m a weirdo). I had to come up with something more exciting!

Now, I share with you the most simple and fantastic snack idea ever…..drum roll please…..Donut Holes on a Skewer!


So cute, colorful, and delicious!


The festive sprinkles will liven up any event.


Combine the donuts with your favorite breakfast beverage for a well-rounded snack.


Skewers can be placed on a platter for presentation.


Individually wrap each skewer in a cellophane bag and tie it off with a tulle bow. Adorable!

I created donut holes on a skewer 9 years ago…yes, that was pre-Pinterest days. I would visit a local donut shop and purchase a variety of donuts so that each skewer could have 5 different types of donuts.

A few years ago, I found these rainbow sprinkle donut holes in Walmart’s bakery section. The box contains approximately 32 donut holes for $2.99. Hot deal!

If I am making skewers for a class party, I will cut the skewer in half and only place three donuts on each one. This is a much more cost effective principle when feeding 38 kids.

Individually wrapping the skewers is beautiful, but can be time consuming.

I hope the next time you are on snack duty you feel inspired to try “DONUTS ON A SKEWER.”