I truly enjoy gift giving. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do. I like to purchase an item that I know my friend will like and make it a little more special with personalization. I found this budget friendly apron at TJ Maxx for $7.99. Yay for great deals!


Don’t you love the pops of color in this chevron apron?

Then, I purchased an iron on pocket and a sparkly initial from Hobby Lobby. Both products were on sale 50% off. The grand total came to $2.50.


You can choose from a wide array of iron on products to personalize a gift.

 The next step involved ironing on the emblems. Simply follow the instructions on the package and make sure that you have a tea towel or handkerchief on hand.

Make sure to keep your iron on the highest cotton setting.

Voila! Operation personalization is complete.

Iron each patch separately; Do not iron them both at the same time.

 Ahhhh…..muffin! It is too cute.
To complete the gift you can place the apron inside a  mixing bowl with a whisk. Wrap it in cellophane to make it look extra special.

The total cost of this personalized apron was $10.50.